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About Us

BitFinance Network is a platform for developing Staking, AI Trade and Exchange, connecting all investors around the world to participate, share and trade from Blockchain technology and trading services on the trading platform, stable benefits from Staking coin services.

BitFinance Network is a new generation Proof-of-Stake pool focused on POS, DPOS and other public chains providing secure, transparent and efficient staking services.

Known as the professional service provider that focuses on the staking ecosystems of POS, DPOS and other public chains based on consensus mechanism, the services that BitFinance Network provide help individual users will obtain steady daily staking incomes by depositing their tokens into the platform only, which does not involve the investment in any equipment.

Headquartered in MALTA, The development team has many years of experience in the Blockchain, AI, Finance. BitFinance Network is committed to creating a safe, efficient, stable and convenient blockchain staking environment.

We select public blockchains built upon POS, DPOS, and other consensus mechanisms. We provide 7*24 hours protection and staking efficiency is maximized by our professional teams.

Safety and efficiency are our ultimate pursuits, and BitFinance Network is committed to being the benchmark for blockchain industry of new generations.

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