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We have received emails from many customers about the confusion between HotbitStake and, BitStake coin (BTS) and Bitshare (BTS). So to avoid affecting our business processes and development roadmap. We have detailed plans for new changes in the near future:
- We will launch Bitcoinexchange trading platform in August 2020: Bitcoinexchange will be the largest Staking platform in the world combined with reputable trading platform with high trading volume. Users can Staking daily rewards and trading cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere on the Bitcoinexchange platform.
- BitStake Coin (BTS) will be converted into BitcoinStake (BTCS): BitcoinStake will be a cryptocurrency sponsored by Bitcoinexchange. BitcoinStake is used to pay for transaction fees, payments, staking and store of value. Especially BitcoinStake will be guaranteed at the lowest value from $ 1 traded on Bitcoinexchange.
User rewards will not be affected during the development roadmap. The job of the customer is simply Staking and receiving the reward.
Thanks for your support.
Best regards.

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