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HotbitStake - World's Leading Cryptocurrency Staking Platform

HotbitStake - World's Leading Cryptocurrency Staking Platform

     Dear HotbitStake community, the HotbitStake Platform has spent half of its time in the early stages of community development. Congratulations to the members who have achieved great achievements in the past time. Good things will still be ahead.
       In the 2nd quarter of 2020, we will offer 2,000,000 BTS to 100,000 new customers. so each new registered account will be given 20 BTS. The program will end when the number of BTS is given to new customers.
       Our 2nd phase will start from the 3rd quarter of 2020, BitStake Coin will be traded on the free market (expected to be traded on Mercatox, Hotbit, bittrex, ...). Currently, 80 million BTS have been donated to Staking qualified investors. The price of bts has achieved very good growth from $ 0.1 up to $ 0.2589. And to ensure that when BTS is freely traded and achieved a good growth as planned, BTS rewards will be withdrawn to the free exchange 10% per month (Applicable to BTS rewards received when Staking ).

We are completing the technology report of HotbitStake. Expected to be public next week. Let's wait together.
Thanks for the continued support of our customers.

Best regards,
HotbitStake team.

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